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Reference Services

Enquiries may be made in person, over the telephone, by fax and through electronic mail (e-mail).

Photocopying Facilities &
Printing Services

Staff-operated : RM 0.20 per page

Card-operated : RM 5.00 (30 pages), RM 10.00 (70 pages)

Print-out from : RM 1.00 per page
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Users will be assisted on how to source information from online databases available in the Business Library

Online Databases

Access to subscribed online databases such as :



nexis.com is a business news information service that offers more than 32,000 sources worldwide. It compiles millions of documents online and provides access to thousands of magazines, newspapers, trade journals, industry newsletters, public records, financial data, legislative records, company data, wire service reports and company information.

Pasport Global Market Information Database (GMID)

Pasport GMID is the euromonitor information database service which gives frequently updated and in-depth market reports and statistics.

World Trade Atlas

World Trade Atlas gives detailed Harmonized System exports and imports data at the HS 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10 digit levels respectively. It also has data on value, quantity and average price.s


  • Country Reports - in-depth analysis of political and economic trends in nearly 200 countries.
  • Country Profiles - background and historical context of current economic and political events for over 200 countries

Tariff Finder Online

Tariff Finder Online has up-to-date Malaysian customs duties information which includes importing/exporting information, customs declaration, profit calculation on imported goods and eligibility of preferential tariff or low duties from Free Trade Areas (FTAs). Tariff Finder Online has information in three languages - English, Malay and Mandarin. [Go to Tariff Finder Online]

The Public Ledger

The Public Ledger website provides news and topical features on world commodity markets, regulatory issues, latest trading prices and exclusive interview with key players.

PalmOilis (Palm Oil Information Online Service)

PalmOils is an online database developed and hosted by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). It hosts a wide range of databases that cover the complete spectrum of the industry.



Trade Map helps identify potential export products and new markets. It also enables businesses to understand the characteristics, market trends, quality, price expectations and competitive pressures of potential export markets.

Market Access Map

Market Access Map covers customs tariffs (import duties) and other measures applied by 185 importing countries to products from 239 countries and territories.

Investment Map

Investment Map combines statistics on foreign direct investment and international trade, tariff data and activities of multinational firms.

Product Map

Product Map gathers information for more effective international market research and business development on 72 industries by over 180 countries.