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MATRADE produces publications for international and domestic circulation. These include sectoral trade directories, exporters guidebooks, a monthly bulletin, a calendar of major enquiries from foreign companies wishing to source for products to services. The findings of MATRADE's research studies are made available for reference to Malaysian companies through MATRADE publications.

What's New from Malaysia

What's New from Malaysia is a publication featuring information on new and innovative products and services from Malaysia.

Published quarterly, regular updates on the latest range of products and services are made available to assist the international business community for their sourcing needs. 

Some key highlights of the 2008 issue:

  • Nano Mobile Charger
  • Secure Your Online Business
  • Hydroxyapatite Granular Bone Graft
  • Air Purifying Lamp
  • Step-in to Style
  • Green Tea Essence for Better Skin
  • Zero Trans Fat & Egg Free Cookies
  • Alternate Fuel System

For further information, please contact :
- Mr. Bryan Sidhu a/l Pajan Singh (03-6207 7688 | bryan@matrade.gov.my) or
- Ms. Toh Kit Ying (03-6207 7684 | kytoh@matrade.gov.my )

Malaysia - Excellence in Construction and Design

The publication of Malaysia - Excellence in Construction and Design is part of MATRADE's efforts in branding the Malaysia's professional services.

Containing more than 80 pictorials of projects that were designed and developed by Malaysian professionals throughout the world, the publication highlights different aspects of the Malaysian professional services industries, as well as showcasing their capabilities and expertise.

Sections of the publication include :

  • Icons of Malaysia
  • Urban Spaces – Towards Innovative and Sustainable Urban Development
  • Transportation and Infrastructure – State of the Art Connectivity
  • Institutional – World Class Centre with a Distinctive Difference
  • Civil Engineering Works and Utilities
  • Going Global

For further information, please contact :
- Mdm. Roseliah (03-6207 7140 | roseliah@matrade.gov.my ) or
- Mr. Mohd Hafiz Abdul Jalil (03-6207 7134 | hafiz@matrade.gov.my )

Malaysia Confectionery Directory

A compilation of 122 Malaysian companies are listed to showcase Malaysia home-made delicious sugar confectionery, chocolates, biscuits and cakes.

Food & Beverage Directory 2010/11

A joint collaboration with the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), this fourth edition of the Food & Beverage Directory profiling 1, 300 companies and 2,900 products incorporating halal food section.

(Also Available in CD-ROM)

Malaysia Oil & Gas Services Directory

Published by MATRADE in collaboration with the Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC), Offshore Structure Fabricators Association of Malaysia (OSFAM) and Association of Malaysian Oil & Gas Engineering Consultants (MOGEC). The directory contains a listing of 150 companies involved in a wide of range of services from fabrication to engineering and logistics. In addition the directory has information on Malaysia's capabilities and expertise in the oil and gas industry as well as a list of useful contacts in the industry. 

(Also Available in CD-ROM)

For further information, please contact :
- Mdm. Zaimah Osman (03-6207 7133 | zaimah@matrade.gov.my )

Chemicals Malaysia 2008/09

Published in joint collaboration with the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), this first edition of the Chemicals Malaysia 2008/09 showcases a comprehensive and useful references of 876 Malaysia's leading chemicals manufacturers and services related companies.

(Also Available in CD-ROM)

Malaysia Exports - 3rd Edition

Malaysia Exports 3rd Edition features more than 8,000 exporting companies from both the manufacturing and services sectors, bearing testimony to the significant progress achieved by Malaysia in the international arena.

Available in both book and CD-Rom media, it has proven to be an effective tool in promoting Malaysia's products and services while facilitating foreign buyers and importers looking for business partners.

The directory listings include manufacturers of a wide range of products in 31 categories that cover the agricultural & food sectors; electrical & electronics; building & construction materials; furniture; automotive components; and other sectors. Also highlighted are service providers in 16 different categories which include information & communication technology; professional services consultancy; engineering; construction; and education.

(Also Available in CD-ROM)

Electrical & Electronics MALAYSIA 2007/08 - 3rd Edition

In collaboration with the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), this directory showcases a comprehensive list of Malaysian electrical and electronics products.

(Also Available in CD-ROM)

Malaysia Exporters of Halal Products Directory

The Malaysia Exporters of Halal Products Directory provides a quick and easy reference to a database of Malaysian exporters of halal products. This directory furnishes information on Malaysian halal exporters' products which covers food and beverages, palm oil products as well as herbal, cosmetics and dietary supplements.
This compilation features 200 companies which are registered with MATRADE and have their products certified halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). It is hoped that this directory can contribute towards establishing the link between foreign buyers and Malaysian suppliers, thus further enhancing business networking in global halal trade.

(Also Available in CD-ROM)

For further information, please contact :
- Mr. Amirul Azman (03-6207 7671 | amirulazman@matrade.gov.my )

Malaysia Heavy Vehicles & Machinery Directory

Two heavy industries under one cover! This second edition of the Heavy Vehicles & Machinery Directory covers a much more exhaustive listing of 119 heavy machinery companies and 21 heavy vehicles.

(Also Available in CD-ROM)

Malaysia Your Business Partner
A handbook as a guide for sourcing from Malaysia.
Beginner's Guide To Exporting
The handbook consists of guidelines on exporting for Malaysian entrepreneurs, especially the small and medium-scale enterprises. The book covers such subjects as getting started to exporting, understanding export requirements, pricing for export financing, preparing for export documentation and legal aspects of exports.    
Assistance Programmes for Malaysian Exporters

This guidebook provides information on a wide range of assistance programmes available to support Malaysian exporters.

Exporting Halal Products : Guidelines for Certification of Food Products, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
A compilation of comprehensive guidelines for certification of food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. This book includes the various Malaysian government agencies involved in export documentation and regulatory activities of the halal sector.
Guidelines for Application of Market Development Grant
A comprehensive guidebook, published in both English and Bahasa Malaysia outlining the processes involved in Market Development Grant to help develop and promote Malaysian products and services in the international market.
FAQs on Market Development Grant
This guidebook, published in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, elaborates the requirements of MATRADE's matching grant for Small and Medium Enterprises interested in undertaking activities for the development of export markets.
Guidelines For Application of Brand Promotion Grant
A comprehensive guidebook outlining the processes involved in Brand Promotion Grant to help develop and promote Malaysian products and services in the international market.
Branding For Export - Q&A
A comprehensive guidebook intended for companies planning to brand their products or services for the global market. The book provides answers to frequently-asked questions on how to strategise, develop and implement a branding plan.
CE-Marking - A Product Passport to Enter the EU
A guidebook reproduced with permission from CBI News Bulletin ( Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries, The Netherlands) detailing the CE-Marking requirements for exporters.
Secrets of Electronic Commerce
This is a joint publication with International Trade Centre (ITC), based on the ITC guide on e-commerce for exporters. The book covers subjects such as e-commerce strategy, on-line market research, legal issues, and on-line procurement.

International Trade Fairs in Malaysia 2009/2010
A comprehensive calendar of major trade events in the country incorporating updates on the latest events.
MATRADE Upcoming Events
A monthly calendar featuring highlights of MATRADE's local trade-related events (seminars, workshops, briefings & consultations, MIHAS, INTRADE and KLITF), international trade exhibitions, promotion booths, trade & investment missions, specialised marketing missions and joint promotion activities.